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Save up to 75% of your First Year's Premium

Life, Illness, Mortgage cover

On any Life Assurance, Mortgage Protection, Serious or Specified Illness cover plan, taken out through Cheaper Life Assurance, we will refund you up to 75% of the first year’s premium (before Government levy).

As independent Insurance Brokers, first we find the cheapest insurance provider, then we apply our discount. All policies are on an execution only basis.


Life Term Rebate Example

Monthly Premium = €100
1st year Rebate to you = €900
1st year Cost to you = €300

Above example excludes Government levy, and assumes policy term is 10 years or more.


Over 50’s Plan, Guaranteed Acceptance

50 Plus Easy Cover

Save 30% on the first year’s premium (before Government levy) on Irish Life’s Over 50’s plan. This plan is ideal for anyone declined cover elsewhere on health grounds, as it offers guaranteed cover regardless of your state of health. Further information...


News & Views

Wealth Management

One of our principle areas of expertise is Wealth Management. Traditionally, Irish people always thought that Bricks & Mortor were the best places to invest their hard earned cash. This dream evapaorated when the economic crash came and whilst property should form part of any balanced portfolio, it should not be your only form of Wealth preservation and management.

At Cowan's we can guide you through the best methods of Wealth preservation and management whether your portfolio is €5,000 or €5m or more.

We will conduct a full fact find with you to evaluate your tolerance to risk and come up with a plan to help you to preserve and manage your wealth.

The initial fact find is free of charge. Further work on an "advice" basis will cost you for the time only that we invest in you.

Please remember unit prices can fall as well as rise and as with all such investments, your capital is at risk if you invest in a product that does not carry a guarantee.

Here at Cowan's, we can find you a home for your Investments & Savings  that will suit your risk appetite.

All of our advice is on a Fee only basis which we will agree with you before placing your hard earned cash for you with the relevant Institution. Any commission earned from these products is either rebated or split with the client on an agreed basis.

There will be no hidden charges or hidden commissons paid to Cowan Insurance Brokers Ltd.

At Cowan Insurance Brokers Ltd., we can offer you a range of price and product offerings from dozens of different products on offer in the market and can tailor one to suit your needs.


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27th January 2016

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Have you been declined Life Assurance cover in the past?

If you have been declined Life Assurance cover in the past, due to medical conditions, hazardous sports or overseas travel, then we may be able to secure you life assurance or mortgage protection cover for up to 10 years.

For further information, please phone us on 046 9022467, or use our enquiry form.


Prosperity & Security

The financial climate over the last few years has impacted on investors attitudes and outlooks.

While putting money into a deposit account may seem like the safer option, investors are potentially losing out by not giving their money the best possible opportunity to grow.

Investing in Gold is always an alternative also.

For further information, please phone us on 046 9022467, or use our enquiry form.


Cowan Insurance Brokers Ltd

Our Product Range

We can quote you for any of the following:

  • Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Specified Illness Cover
  • Income Protection Cover
  • Pensions (Individual & Group)
  • Home & Commercial Insurance
  • Property/Shop/Office Insurance
  • Surgery/Hairdressers/Beauticians Insurance
  • Other Liability Insurance
  • Investments
  • Car Hire Excess Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Cancer Plan
  • Personal Accident Insurance

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